Plate Tectonics: A whole new way of looking at your planet
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The Story of Plate Tectonics

The story of Plate Tectonics is a fascinating story of continents drifting majestically from place to place breaking apart, colliding, and grinding against each other; of terrestrial mountain ranges rising up like rumples in rugs being pushed together; of oceans opening and closing and undersea mountain chains girdling the planet like seams on a baseball; of violent earthquakes and fiery volcanoes. Plate Tectonics describes the intricate design of a complex, living planet in a state of dynamic flux.

The Plate Tectonic Globe
The Plate Tectonic Globe is a unique globe that accurately describes all of the Earth's crustal plate tectonic features. Hand-crafted to depict mid-ocean ridges, subduction zones, island chains, and the like. >>> more

Article Archive
A great collection of articles related to Plate Tectonics. Search our database for papers on plate tectonics, earth science, volcanoes, earthquakes, and geology. >>> more

World Ocean Floors
Thanks to Marie Tharpe and Bruce C. Heezen we can view this breathtaking panorama of world ocean floors. Browse and click around for selected close-ups. >>> more

Plate Tectonics: The Book
An online account of this new and exciting science of Plate Tectonics. Here we explore the wide ranging effects of plate tectonics on global climate, the origin of life an Earth, and the course of biological evolution. >>> more

The Plate Tectonic Globe™ Patent
US Patent number 5,676,550. View the recorded patent including objects and advantages, summary, scope, ramifications, and claims. >>> more
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